Nobel Prize Winners
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** Clippings, 1944, 1945, 1948

** Clippings, 1969, 1972

** Information in Archival Serials, 1987

** Clippings, 1991

** Information in Archival Serials, 1990, 1992

** Nobel laureates having substantive associations  with Washington University, copy prepared for the  wall display in the McDonnell Medical Sciences  Building lobby, September 24, 1987

** Nobel Prize winners associated with Washington  University, list and biographical information, 1992

** Our Fair Quota: The Nobel Spirit by Marion Hunt,  Outlook, Winter, 1990

** Testimonial dinner in honor of the five Nobel  Prize Winners of St. Louis, 1948

** Washington University's Nobel Prize Winners,  n. d.

** See also Paul Berg

** See also Stanley Cohen

** See also Carl Cori

** See also Gerty Cori

** See also Christian de Duve

** See also Edward Doisy

** See also Joseph Erlanger

** See also Herbert S. Gasser

** See also Alfred D. Hershey

** See also Edwin Krebs

** See also Arthur Kornberg

** See also Rita Levi-Montalcini

** See also Daniel Nathans

** See also Severo Ochoa

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