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Jacques J. Bronfenbrenner Photographs

  • VC084
  • Collection
  • 1894-1950

This collection consists of 19 photographs related to the career of Jacques J. Bronfenbrenner. Depicted subjects include signed portraits of Bronfenbrenner's colleagues Hiromu Tsuchiya and Kenneth L. Burdon, photographs of members of the Institut Pasteur in Paris, group portraits of the Washington University School of Medicine Department of Bacteriology and Immunology, and Bronfenbrenner at the Rockefeller Institute with Hideyo Noguchi.

Bronfenbrenner, J.,

Jacques J. Bronfenbrenner Medallions

  • VC085
  • Collection
  • 1902-1950

This collection consists of 7 medallions once belonging to Jacques J. Bronfenbrenner. The medallions include awards, commemorative plaques for Louis Pasteur and Simon Flexner, and medallions commemorating the first and third International Congress for Microbiology.

Bronfenbrenner, J.,

Ruth Silberberg Photomicrographs

  • VC086
  • Collection
  • circa 1959

This collection consists of 2136 photomicrographs originally mounted in 5 notebooks that have been unbound and arranged into 37 folders. Ruth Silberberg states in her oral history that the Silberbergs learned electron microscopy in 1959, so the electron micrographs in the series probably antedate 1959. Each photomicrograph is individually labeled with information such as mice strain (C57 or Dba), sex, age, hormone or other treatment with dose and frequency and other information concerning the microphotograph, including the level of magnification. For a description of each folder, please see FC086, Series 2.

Silberberg, Ruth

John Marion Wolfe, Barnes Medical College Certificates and Photographs

  • VC088
  • Collection
  • 1898-1982

This collection consists of 4 certificates, and 2 photographs related to Albyn Garett Wolfe and John Marion Wolfe. Certificates include diplomas, a certificate of membership to the American Red Cross, and a letter of sympathy from the American College of Surgeons. The photographs depict an interior view of the Barnes Medical College Dissecting Room and a group shot of the Barnes Medical College class of 1898.

Galerie Hervorragender Arzte Und Naturforscher Prints

  • VC090
  • Collection
  • 1903-1941

This collection consists of 424 portrait reproductions originally published in the Galerie Herorragender Artze Und Naturfoscher (Gallery of Outstanding Doctors and Naturalists). The portrait reproductions were published as a supplement to the Munich Medical Weekly journal.

Hallowell Davis Photographs

  • VC091
  • Collection
  • 1934-1939

This collection consists of 12 photographs depicting scenes from the early days of electroencephalography, including photographs published in LIFE magazine and the Sunday Mirror, and brain wave graphs published by Hallowell Davis, et. al. in the Journal of Neurophysiology.

Davis, Hallowell, 1896-1992

Theodore E. Walsh Certificates

  • VC092
  • Collection
  • 1941-1967

This collection consists of 5 certificates awarded to Theodore E. Walsh throughout his career, including certificates of service, merit, and appreciation.

Walsh, Theodore E.

Joseph H. Ogura Photographs and Certificates

  • VC093
  • Collection

This collection consists of 18 photographs and certificates documenting the career of Joseph H. Ogura. Certificates include membership certificates and award certificates. Photographs include group portraits the Washington University School of Medicine Department of Otolaryngology staff, views of surgeons performing a tonsillectomy, and a photograph of Ogura in surgical scrubs.

Ogura, Joseph H.

James W. Wells Photographs

  • VC094
  • Collection
  • 1902-1906

This collection consists of 9 mounted photographs related to James W. Wells's studies at Barnes Medical College from 1902 to 1906. Depicted subjects include portraits with classmates, an exterior view of Barnes Medical College, and a formal graduation portrait.

Washington University Cyclotron Negatives

  • VC096
  • Collection

This colleciton consists of photographic negatives of the Washington University cyclotron under construction and during operation, 1940-1972. Approximately 175 35mm format photographic negatives and approximately 690 medium format (120 format or 6 cm/57x57 mm format) photographic negatives. Depicted subjects include interior and exterior views of construction crews, close-up shots of cyclotron parts, gauges, workbenches, and sections of the operational cyclotron, cyclotron operations, portraits of men and woman who worked in the cyclotron laboratory, and the architectural plans for the laboratory and for the cyclotron itself.

Noted Scientists Prints

  • VC097
  • Collection

This collection consists of 8 portrait reproductions of noted scientists, including Petrus Campter, George Cuvier, Hermann Helmholtz, Hippocrates, Edward Jenner, Joseph Lister, Johannes Mueller, and Carl Weigert.

Varied Subject Photographs and Drawings

  • VC099
  • Collection

This collection consists of 82 photographs and prints depicting various topics including notable persons, class photos, buildings and institutes. Many items have been relocated to other subject classified collections.

Valentina Suntzeff Photographs

  • VC100
  • Collection
  • 1932-1971

This collection consists of 28 photographs depicting scenes from Valentina Suntzeff's professional career. Half of the photographs depict unidentified microscropic images, while the other half depict Suntzeff with her husband Alexander and her colleagues at Washington University School of Medicine.

Suntzeff, Valentina

BJC Healthcare Photographs

  • VC101
  • Collection

Photographs of personnel, buildings and facilities of BJC Healthcare institutions including the pre-merger Barnes and Jewish Hospitals. Most items are currently housed throughout the (RG046) BJC Healthcare Records accessions and have yet to be assigned individual VC numbers.

Henry G. Schwartz Photographs

  • VC102
  • Collection
  • 1931-1985

This collection consists of 85 photographs documenting the personal and professional life of Henry G. Schwartz. Many of the images in the collection are digital surrogates of the the original photographs that primarily depict scenes with Schwartz and other men and women serving as United States Army officers in World War II. Additional digital images depict two young boys playing outside and posing on the steps of a house. The other photographs in the collection are primarily portraits of friends and colleagues of Schwartz, including Carl and Gerty Cori, Joseph Erlanger, Ernest Sachs, Sidney I. Schwab, and Evarts A. Graham. Those photographs (VC102069-084) are also arranged and described as Series 5 in the Henry G. Schwartz Papers (FC112).

Schwartz, Henry G.

David B. Clifford Photographs

  • VC103
  • Collection

This collection consists of 10 images scanned from slides in the possession of David B. Clifford, MD. The images depict the St. Louis City Hospital wards circa 1976, and the surrounding area of the hospital circa 1985.

Virgil Loeb, Jr. Class of 1944 Slides

  • VC104
  • Collection
  • 1944-1985

This collection consists of ninety-five 35mm slides, including some duplicated or variant images, produced from archival and private sources for a show honoring the Class of 1944, 1993-94. Many of the images are duplicates of those found in other visual collections.

Loeb, Virgil, Jr.

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