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William Beaumont Photographs and Artifacts

  • VC105
  • Collection

This collection consists of 327 photographs and artifacts related to William Beaumont. The majority of the photographs depict scenes from annual pilgrimages to Beaumont's grave conducted by the St. Louis Medical Society and related organizations. Other depicted subjects include views of sites where William Beaumont was born, lived, and worked, views of the site where Alexis St. Martin was accidentally shot, and several copy negatives of letters and certificates related to Beaumont. See also PC001 for original copies of the letters and certificates. Artifacts in the collection include two XIII International Physiological Congress medallions featuring the profile of William Beaumont, and a miniature painted plaster bust of Beaumont.

Andrew B. Jones Drawings, Photographs and Artifacts

  • VC106
  • Collection

This collection consists of 8 drawings, photographs, and artifacts from Andrew B. Jones. The photographs are group portraits of Barnes Hospital staff and Washington University School of Medicine faculty, the drawings depict the human peripheral nervous system, and the artifact is a human skull used by Jones for anatomical study.

Wendell G. Scott Certificates

  • VC108
  • Collection
  • 1932-1972

This collection consists of 54 certificates and 2 academic hoods awarded to Wendell G. Scott throughout his career, including diplomas, awards, membership certificates, and certificates related to Scott's military service.

Carl V. Moore Certificates and Artifacts

  • VC110
  • Collection
  • 1933-1972

This collection consists of 79 certificates and artifacts from the career of Carl V. Moore. Certificates include diplomas, awards, and Board certifications. Artifacts are various pieces of medical testing equipment including hemoglobinometers, colorimeters, bacteria counting chambers, and hemocytometers. Also included in the collection is an academic hood worn by Moore.

Moore, Carl V.

Philip R. Dodge Saint Louis Children's Hospital Photographs

  • VC111
  • Collection
  • 1970-1983

This collection consists of 6 photographs related to St. Louis Children's Hospital. Depicted subjects include group portraits of SLCH house staff, views of Washington University Medical Center from Forest Park, and portraits of Philip R. Dodge, one of the founders of pediatric neurology and head of pediatrics at Washington University School of Medicine from 1967 to 1986.

Borden S. Veeder Certificates

  • VC112
  • Collection
  • 1901-1956

This collection consists of 20 certificates from Borden S. Veeder, including diplomas, membership certificates, and certificates of appreciation, including 2 certificates of appreciation to Veeder for his leadership of Base Hospital 21.

Veeder, Borden S.

Vilray P. Blair Certificates and Artifacts

  • VC113
  • Collection
  • 1910-1955

This collection consists of 20 certificates and artifacts from Vilray P. Blair. Certificates include diplomas, membership certificates, Board certifications, and Army appointments. The collection also includes two plaster casts: a cast of Blair's face and a cast of his right hand.

Blair, Vilray Papin, 1871-1955

Virginia Minnich Photographs

  • VC114
  • Collection
  • 1913-1985

This collection consists of 126 photographs and certificates documenting the career of Virginia Minnich. Depicted subjects include class photographs of students at Washington University School of Medicine, portraits of Virignia Minnich as a young woman when she was Vilray P. Blair's patient, and scenes from Thailand, Turkey, and WUSM.

Minnich, Virginia

Washington University School of Medicine Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Photographs

  • VC115
  • Collection

This collection consists of 5 photographs related to the Washington University School of Medicine Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Depicted subjects include father and son Henry and Otto Henry Schwarz, the first two chairs of the department, and exterior view of St. Louis Maternity Hospital under construction, and an exterior view of the Washington University School of Medicine Dispensary.

Baumgarten Family Certificates

  • VC116
  • Collection
  • 1835-1907

This collection consists of 34 certificates from the Baumgarten family, including diplomas, membership certificates, Board certifications, and various other certificates from Germany and the United States.

Baumgarten family

Baumgarten Family Drawings

  • VC117
  • Collection

This collection consists of 43 drawings, graphs, and maps from the Baumgarten family, including several drawings of griffins and other mythical creatures, and medical graphs and drawings by Gustav Baumgarten.

Baumgarten family

Regional Cancer Center Drawings

  • VC118
  • Collection
  • 1971

This collection consists of 3 drawings bound in a booklet as part of a proposal for a Regional Cancer Center in the Washington University Medical Center.

Justin J. Cordonnier Certificates and Plaques

  • VC119
  • Collection
  • 1907-1980

This collection consists of 32 certificates and plaques from the professional life of Justin J. Cordionner, including diploomas, awards, membership certificates, and Board certifications.

Cordonnier, Justin J.

Deutsche Optische Wochenschrift Prints

  • VC120
  • Collection
  • 1918-1924

This collection consists of a cover sheet and 6 reproductions of paintings and drawings depicting historical representations of men and women wearing eye-glasses.

E.V. Cowdry Certificates and Artifacts

  • VC122
  • Collection
  • 1909-1975

This collection consists of 65 certificates and artifacts documenting the professional accomplishements of E.V. Cowdry, including award certificates, medals, and medallions, membership certificates, diplomas, membership certificates, certificates of appreciation, and plaques.

Cowdry, E. V. (Edmund Vincent)

Ernest S. Simms Photographs

  • VC123
  • Collection
  • 1957

This collection consists of 4 photographs, including three group portraits of WUSM Department of Microbiology and Immunology staff and one portrait of Ernest S. Simms.

Joseph Erlanger Certificates and Artifacts

  • VC128
  • Collection

This collection includes 37 certificates and artifacts documenting the professional and scientific achievements of Joseph Erlanger. Certificates and medallians include various honorary degree diplomas, award certificates and medallions, and scientific society membership certificates. The collection also includes various academic hoods, an academic gown, Erlanger, Gasser and Bishop's home-made cathode ray tube, and the death mask of Erlanger.

Erlanger, Joseph

Leo Loeb Photographs and Artifacts

  • VC129
  • Collection

This collection consists of 7 photographs and artifacts from the life and career of Leo Loeb, including two photographs of his grandniece and nephew, three award medallions, a pin, and a painted ceramic bust of Loeb.

Loeb, Leo, 1869-1959

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