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Robert E. Shank Photographs, Certificates, and Artifacts

  • VC176
  • Collection
  • 1967-1982

This collection consists of 11 photographs and certificates from the professional career of Robert E. Shank, including certificates of appreciation from the National Advisory, Child Health and Human Development Council and The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology. Photographs include group portraits from National Advisory meetings and views of the David P. Wohl, Jr. Memorial Hospital and Clinic.

Shank, Robert E.

Barnes Hospital Department of Social Work Photographs

  • VC178
  • Collection
  • 1986-1992

This collection consists of 82 photographs from the Barnes Hospital Department of Social Work. The majority of the photographs are mounted on album pages and depict scenes from the department's 75th anniversary event.

Jewish Hospital Physicians Photographs and Slides

  • VC180
  • Collection
  • 1916-1981

This collection consists of 13 photographs, slides, and a certificate primarily depicting portraits of Jewish Hospital physicians. Depicted subjects also include a postcard with an exterior view of Jewish Hospital, and photographs depicting Sidney Jick, J.G. Probstein, and Ben H. Senturia. The certificate is an In Memorium honorific for Hanau W. Loeb.

Herman Tuholske Photographs and Drawings

  • VC181
  • Collection
  • 1890-1906

This collection consists of 40 photographs, drawings, and pamphlets from the medical career of Herman Tuholske. Photographs include scenes of Tuholske performing surgery in an operating theater, patient photographs, patient x-rays and an views of an autopsy specimen from a patient who had experienced an extra-uterine pregnancy. The majority of the drawings are pencil diagrams Tuholske created from the autopsy specimen. The German-language pamphlets are titled, "Verein der Meseriker."

Tuholske, H. (Herman)

Harvey J. Howard Slides

  • VC182
  • Collection
  • 1926

This collection consists of 7 35mm slides; reproductions of illustrations from Howard's autobiography entitled "Ten Weeks with Chinese Bandits."

Howard, Harvey J.

Blake Family Photographs and Diploma

  • VC183
  • Collection
  • circa 1860-1987

This collection consists of 13 photographs related to the Blake family and William Blake Edwards and one diploma for Joel H. Blake from the Missouri Medical College, 1861 (VC183006). 14 items total.

Abbott Laboratories Prints

  • VC184
  • Collection
  • circa 1945

This collection consists of 12 print reproductions of paintings in a portfolio depicting army medicine during World War II. The 12 prints are part of "a series of more than two hundred and fifty pictures by distinguished American artists commissioned by Abbott Laboratories, North Chicago, Illinois, for presentation to the United States Army as a contribution to the war effort."

Medical History Illustrations

  • VC185
  • Collection

This collection consists of 16 reproductions of paintings, engravings, and woodcuts related to medical history, including prints from Andreas Vesalius's "De humani corporis fabrica." The majority of the facsimiles were produced in 1976 by Yale University for a portfolio titled, "Medical History in Pictures Series One: 15th and 16th Century Woodcuts of the Human Body."

F.E. Köhler, Medizinal-Pflanzen Prints

  • VC186
  • Collection
  • circa 1885-1898

This collection consists of 60 lithographic prints that primarily duplicate those found in Köhler's Medizinal-Pflanzen in naturgetreuen Abbildungen mit kurz erläuterndem Texte : Atlas zur Pharmacopoea germanica, austriaca, belgica, danica, helvetica, hungarica, rossica, suecica, neerlandica, British pharmacopoeia, zum Codex medicamentarius, sowie zur Pharmacopoeia of the United States of America. In some cases, there are differences between the prints in VC186 and the published plates.

John D. Vavra Photographs

  • VC187
  • Collection
  • circa 1953-1970

Thsi collection consists of 12 Photographs and a card from John D. Vavra, primarily group portraits of the Washington University School of Medicine Division of Hematology. The card is an admittance to practice medicine at City Hospital of St. Louis for a Mr. Gustavus Buck, dated 1881.

Vavra, John D.

E.V. Cowdry Cytological Drawings

  • VC188
  • Collection
  • 1911-1932

This collection consists of 70 cytological drawings and 5 sketchbooks drawn by E.V. Cowdry. Many of the drawings were matched to articles written by Cowdry and originally published between 1911 and 1932. See FC008, Series 72 for reprints of the relevant articles.

Cowdry, E. V. (Edmund Vincent)

Washington University School of Medicine, Office of the Dean, Photographs and Drawings

  • VC193
  • Collection
  • circa 1940-1960

This collection consists of 100 photographs and architectural drawings depicting various events at Washington University School of Medicine, including groundbreaking and dedication ceremonies for the Irene Walter Johnson Institute of Rehabilitation, the David P. Wohl, Jr. Memorial Clinic, the Renard Hospital Building, and the Spencer T. Olin Residence Hall. Other depicted subjects include views of the Cancer Research Building, interior views of the Spencer T. Olin Residence Hall, and scenes from an outdoor picnic with WUSM faculty in 1956.

Medical Care Group Photographs

  • VC194
  • Collection
  • circa 1985

This collection consists of 10 photographs depicitng the Medical Care Group clinic on Audubon Avenue.

Old Shriner's Hospital Photographs

  • VC195
  • Collection
  • 1989

This collection consists of 3 photographs depicting exterior views of the old Shriner's Hospital building at 700 S. Euclid Avenue.

Washington University Medical Center Photographs (VC196)

  • VC196
  • Collection

This collection consists of 126 photographs depicting scenes from Washington University Medical Center. Many of the photographs in this collection are duplicates of those found in other collections, including VC162, VC164, and VC014.

Varied subjects, certificates, artifacts collection

  • VC198
  • Collection

This collection consists of 45 certificates and artifacts that were donated to Washington University School of Medicine, often as single items, in 18 accessions between the years 1989 and 1994.

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