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BJC Healthcare Photographs

  • VC101
  • Collection

Photographs of personnel, buildings and facilities of BJC Healthcare institutions including the pre-merger Barnes and Jewish Hospitals. Most items are currently housed throughout the (RG046) BJC Healthcare Records accessions and have yet to be assigned individual VC numbers.

Eugene M. Bricker Surgery Faculty Photographs

  • VC245
  • Collection
  • circa 1950

This collection consists of 6 photographs related to the Washington University School of Medicine Department of Surgery. Depicted subjects include a studio portrait of Walter Ballinger, a banquet honoring Evarts A. Graham, a group portrait of Department of Surgery, an unidentified outdoor ceremony, and an informal portrait of Graham with Eugene Bricker and Charles Eckert.

Estelle Brodman, Body Snatching Lecture Slides

  • VC074
  • Collection

This collection consists of 13 35mm slides created for lecture given by Estelle Brodman at the Washington University School of Medicine library on the history of "body snatching" for medical dissection.

Estelle Brodman Photographs

  • VC146
  • Collection
  • 1962

This collection consists of 8 photographs depicting Estelle Brodman at various events.

Jacques J. Bronfenbrenner Photographs

  • VC084
  • Collection
  • 1894-1950

This collection consists of 19 photographs related to the career of Jacques J. Bronfenbrenner. Depicted subjects include signed portraits of Bronfenbrenner's colleagues Hiromu Tsuchiya and Kenneth L. Burdon, photographs of members of the Institut Pasteur in Paris, group portraits of the Washington University School of Medicine Department of Bacteriology and Immunology, and Bronfenbrenner at the Rockefeller Institute with Hideyo Noguchi.

Central Institute for the Deaf Lantern Slides

  • VC046
  • Collection
  • 1927

This collection conists of 10 glass lantern slides depicting the floorplans and blueprints for the proposed additions to the second Central Institute for the Deaf building, originally drawn in 1927.

The Central Institute for the Deaf-Max A. Goldstein Historic Devices for Hearing Collection.

  • VC703
  • Collection

The hearing devices in the collection range from small hand-held trumpet type devices; long rubber conversation tubes that allow for the user to hold one end to their ear and the other end directly to the speaker’s mouth; large London-dome shaped devices; animal horns; acoustic fans; walking sticks; a leather and metal device manufactured to resemble a water canteen; telescopic devices that could be discreetly folded within a pocket; headpieces for women; beard receptacles for men; the first electronic hearing device model; devices that resemble radios or cameras; devices hidden within barrettes and eyeglasses; early cochlear implant models, and many more. There are very few duplicate devices with many representing the only known extant models in existence.

General Hospital 21 Photographs and Drawings

  • VC013
  • Collection
  • 1942-1945

This collection consists of 724 photographs, drawings, diagrams, posters, newspaper clippings, and sheet music, and other ephemera related to the 21st General Hospital. The photographs primarily depict staff and patients of the 21st General Hospital from when it was stationed overseas 1942-1945, as well as views of hospital buildings and grounds. Drawings and diagrams include plans for wiring and plumbing, architectural and ground plans, and some schematic drawings of hospital equipment. Other ephemera in the collection include hand-drawn posters advertising Officers' Club dances, newspaper clippings from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Pictures Section depicting operations at General Hospital 21, and cartoon watercolors depicting soldiers and Red Cross workers.

Frank O. Richards Photographs

  • VC243
  • Collection

This collection consists of 63 Photographs, negatives and slides. The collection sonsists primarily of images of physicians, staff and structures of the Homer G. Phillips Hospital. The images were compiled by Frank O. Richards, M.D. as illustrations for his chapter "St. Louis Story - Homer G. Phillips Hospital," in: A Century of Black Surgeons: The U.S.A. Experience, ed. by Claude H. Organ and Margaret Kosiba (1987).

Saint John's Hospital Photographs

  • VC031
  • Collection
  • 1967

This collection consists of 12 photographs depicting St. John's Hospital prior to and during its demolition in 1967.

Old Shriner's Hospital Photographs

  • VC195
  • Collection
  • 1989

This collection consists of 3 photographs depicting exterior views of the old Shriner's Hospital building at 700 S. Euclid Avenue.

John Olin Photographs

  • VC230
  • Collection

This collection consists of 8 photographs depicting John M. Olin posing with his catch after a fishing trip in Florida. The photographs were sent to Glover H. Copher along with a letter. A copy of the letter and Copher's response is included in the collection.

Omega Beta Pi Photographs

  • VC225
  • Collection
  • 1930

This collection consists of 22 photographs of Omega Beta Pi fraternity members and exterior views of their chapter houses. The images were published in issues of "The Cover Glass," the official publication of the Omega Beta Pi Fraternity. See PC051 for issues of The Cover Glass.

Warren B. Outten Scrapbook

  • VC220
  • Collection
  • 1884

This collection consists of a scrapbook containing photographs, verse, and signatures of friends and colleagues of Warren B. Outten. Outten was gifted the scrapbook as a souvenir when the Missouri Pacific Railway Hospital was moved from its original office in Carondelet to a more central location in St. Louis. Outten was the organizer and chief surgeon of the office. The 25 photographs in the srapbook pertain to the Carondelet area and to Outten's office. Each photograph is matched with a quote or verse.

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