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Roblee, Melvin A.

  • Person
  • 1900-1995

Melvin A. Roblee graduated from the Washington University School of Medicine in 1925 and afterward served as clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology.

Davidson, John D.

  • Person
  • Born 1927

John D. Davidson was born 1927. He received his medical degree from the Washington University School of Medicine in 1952. In 1957, he joined the clinical faculty of the school. Davidson became director of the Division of Hyperbaric Medicine, St. Luke’s Hospital, in 1974.

Geise, August W.

  • Person
  • 1930-1997

August W. Geise (1930-1997), neurosurgeon, received his medical degree from Washington University School of Medicine in 1956.


  • 1930-

The axonologists were a discussion group first formed in 1930 at an American Physiological Society meeting.

Jewish Hospital of St. Louis

  • n86000367
  • Corporate body
  • 1903-1993

In 1902, The Jewish Hospital of St. Louis opened at 5415 Delmar Boulevard. Prior attempts to create such a hospital had cited the need to care for the poor Jewish refugees of St. Louis; however, when the Jewish Hospital become a reality, it did so under the directive to afford care to the sick and disabled of, "any creed or nationality." By 1905, additions to the original hospital building were already required to accommodate more patients, marking the first in a long line of expansions the Jewish Hospital would undergo over the years.

By 1915, the hospital was treating close to 2,000 patients annually. The following years made it clear that further expansion was needed, and in 1920 the hospital purchased land on Kingshighway Boulevard for the purpose of erecting a larger hospital building. The Delmar location was sold, and, following years of construction and funding campaigns, the hospital at 216 South Kingshighway Boulevard was dedicated in May 1926. By the end of 1927, the new building's first full year in operation, the hospital had treated 5,146 patients. In 1951, a plan was finalized which provided for the integration of three St. Louis Jewish health agencies into what would become the Jewish Hospital Medical Center. The Jewish Hospital of St. Louis merged its operations with those of the Jewish Sanatorium, the Miriam Rosa Bry Convalescent-Rehabilitation Hospital of St. Louis, and the Jewish Medical Social Service Bureau. To accommodate the operations and patients of these health agencies, the Jewish Hospital was required to expand at its Kingshighway location. A building expansion program which included the addition of two new buildings and a six-story wing created room for the patients of the three other agencies to be moved to the newly named Jewish Hospital Medical Center in 1956.

Over its years of growth, Jewish Hospital and its staff have achieved several medical firsts, including performing the first successful in vitro fertilization in Missouri in 1985 and creating the first major in-patient child psychiatric service in the St. Louis area in 1958. When Washington University Medical School and Associated Hospitals (WUMSAH) was formed in 1962, Jewish Hospital was one of the original participating institutions, and in 1963 Jewish Hospital became a major teaching affiliate of Washington University Medical School.

In November 1992, Barnes and Jewish Hospitals signed an affiliation agreement, agreeing to pool resources wherever possible. This affiliation agreement was completed in March 1993 to create Barnes-Jewish, Incorporated (BJI). In April of 1993, BJI and Christian Health Services announced that they would affiliate to create BJC Health System, an affiliation which was finalized in June 1993. In January of 1996, a merger of Barnes and Jewish Hospital, built on the sharing of resources which began with the completion of the affiliation agreement in 1993, was legally completed, and the two became the present day Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Barnes-Jewish Hospital is consistently ranked among the best hospitals in America by U.S. News and World Report.

Washington University Medical Center

  • Corporate body
  • 1972-

The Washington University Medical Center (WUMC) was incorporated in 1962 and was originally known as Washington University Medical School and Associated Hospitals. As of March 14, 1972, the organization was renamed Washington University Medical Center. The major institutions that make up the WUMC incude: Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center, Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Center for Advanced Medicine, Central Institute for the Deaf, Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College, St. Louis Children's Hospital, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Washington University School of Medicine.

Planned Parenthood Association of St. Louis

  • no2013094572
  • 1943-

Founded in 1932 as the Maternal Health Association of Missouri; became Planned Parenthood Association of St. Louis in 1943

found: NUCMC data from Univ. of Mo.-St. Louis Lib., Western Hist. Ms. Coll. for Planned Parenthood Association of St. Louis. Records, 1930-1975

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