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Birge, Clifford A.

  • Person

Washington University School of Medicine class of 1961.

Biello, Daniel R.

  • Person
  • 1947-1986

Daniel R. Biello graduated from Case-Western Reserve School of Medicine with honors in 1973. He completed his internship and residency in diagnostic radiology and a fellowship in nuclear medicine at the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology. In 1978, he joined the faculty of the institute's Division of Nuclear Medicine. At the time of his death, Dr. Biello was professor of Radiology and associate director of Nuclear Medicine.

Bilchik, Ronald C.

  • Person
  • Born 1942

Washington University School of Medicine class of 1967.

Billadello, Joseph J.

  • Person
  • 1953-2018

Joseph J. Billadello came to Washington University in 1981 as a cardiology fellow and later joined the faculty of the School of Medicine, where he remained over his long career, caring for patients with heart disease, especially adults living with congenital heart disease. In addition to his role as director, he held several leadership positions in organizations focused on providing care for individuals born with heart defects who survive to adulthood and require specialized care. Source:

Binder, Morton A.

  • Person
  • 1928-1987

Morton A. Binder earned his medical degree from the Medical College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University He became chief resident of gastroenterology at Barnes Hospital and later founded the hospice program at Barnes Hospital for terminally ill patients and served as its medical director.

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