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Medical Public Affairs Department and Subject Photographs Series
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18 black and white 8x10 inch photographs and 12 black and white 35mm negatives featuring staff in the Admission's Office including: Dr. Goldstein – Admissions Committee Meeting Dr. John Herweg – Financial Aid and Admissions Committee Mr. John Walters and Dr. John Schultz – Financial Aid and Admissions Committee Admissions Committee - group shot Dr. Rebecca Davis – “Interview” Dr. Paula Davis – “Interview” Jim Shiro – “Fake Tour” with Rebecca Singer WUSM I


46 black and white 8x10 inch photographs featuring staff and students in the Department of Anatomy, including: Dr. Roy Peterson Dr. Thomas Thach – with Jonathan Mink MSTP student Dr. Gerald Fischbach – Anatomy and Neurobiology Dr. Thomas Woolsey – Anatomy Dr. Mary Bunge – with Dr. Richard Bunge Dr. Richard Bunge – Anatomy Dr. Glenn Conroy – with Kenneth Carney, Patrick Clyne, Eleanor Walker, and Susan Minger Dr. Jane Phillips-Conroy – with Eleanor Walker, Susan Minger, Art Castelbaum, Kenneth Carney and Patrick Clyne WUMS I Dr. Dave Menton – with Robinna Lorenz, Kostas Lyketsos, Stacey Lewis, Andy Lambrecht, Ronald Magee, Thomas Kim WUSM I Dr. Roy Peterson – with John Powell and Michael Kornfeld Dr. Dale Purves and Dr. Gaylord Walker – Anatomy Dr. Jeff Lichtman – with Eleanor Walker WUSM I Neuroscience Lab Dr. Lawrence Salkoff- with Post-Docs and Lab Tech Dr. Richard Bunge – with Jeff Grills Dr. Richard Bunge – with David Chiara


16 black and white 8x10 inch photographs featuring staff and students in the Department of Anesthesiology including: Dr. Dorothy Perry – Anesthesiology Dr. Lawrence Cobb – Anesthesiology Dr. Robert Herold – Anesthesiology Dr. James Felts – Anesthesiology Dr. Carl Nielsen - Anesthesiology


15 black and white 8x10 photos featuring staff of the Department of Biochemistry including: Dr. John Majors – with Scott Selleck MSTP Dr. A. Theologis Dr. Linda Pike – with Anna Eakes (Res. Tech) Dr. Leonard Banaszak – pictured with graduate student Dr. Carl Frieden Paul Bethke – Biochemistry Computer Facilities Paul Bethke – with Anna Goffinet Biochemistry Computer Dr. Gregory Grant Mark Eichler – in Dr. Gregory Grant’s Lab Heidi Rath – 2nd Year Graduate Student Anibal Melo – Frazier Biological Chemical Lab

Biomedical Computer Laboratory

12 black and white 8x10 inch photographs featuring staff of the Biomedical Computer Laboratory including: JoAnne Markham Dr. L.J. Thomas Stan Phillips – with Russell E. Hermes Dr. Michael Miller Dr. R. Martin Arthur – with Michael Sieger Dr. Frederick Rosenberger – with Walter Basch Post Doc Dr. Charles Molnar Dr. Daniel Fuhrmann – with student Michael A. Brown H. Drury – Biomedical Computing

Biomedical Sciences

20 black and white 8x10 inch photographs featuring staff in Biomedical Sciences including: Dr. Rosalind Kornfeld Dr. Paul DeWeer Dr. David Gottlieb Dr. Karen O’Malley – with Sarah Edmunds and Hasipsiya Malcam Dr. Jacques Baenzinger – with Eric Greene MSTP Dr. Jim Krause – with Mark Carter Dr. Leonard Banaszak – with James Sachettini and Judy Mosenkis Dr. Dennis Loh – with Mark Behle MSTP ‘87 Dr. Carl Frieden and Dr. Eliot Elson Steve Kane – with Jonathan Mink Dr. Glenn Conroy – Anatomy and Division of Biology Dr. Steve Bergmann Dr. Henry Huang – with William Hollefield MSTP

Cell Biology and Physiology

23 black and white 8x10 inch photographs featuring staff in Cell Biology and Physiology including: Dr. Joshua Sanes Dr. Luis Reuss Dr. Nigel Daw Dr. Robert Rakowski Dr. Carl Rovainen Dr. Paul DeWeer Dr. Phillip Stahl – with Kong-Nah Chung and Ruben Diaz MTSP Dr. Luis Reuss – with Calvin Cotton PhD, James Stoddard, and Tozianne Bazile Dr. Paul DeWeer – Cell Biology lecture WUMS II Dr. Michael Sheetz – Cell Biology Video Intensification with Emily Dohe Dr. Elsa Bello-Reuss – with Graduate Student Cell Biology Kidney Cultures Dr. Edward McCleskey – with J. Schroeder Robert Mercer – with J. Schroeder John A. Cooper – with J. Wiechert Cell Biology and Physiology

Financial Aid Committee

10 black and white 8x10 inch photographs featuring members of the Financial Aid Committee including: Mr. John Walters, Dr. John Herweg, Dr. John Schultz, Dr. Robert Lee, Dr. David Menton – Financial Aid Linda Emmett and Mary Heidbrier – Financial Aid Office Financial Aid Committee – John Walters, Dr. John Schultz, Dr. David Menton, and Dr. John Herweg COSFA

Health Administration Program (HAP)

21 black and white 8x10 inch photographs featuring staff in the Health Administration Program including: Dr. Marc David Smith – Health Admin. Dr. James Hepner – Health Administration Health Administration Student Dr. Stuart Boxerman – Health Administration Dr. Stuart Boxerman – with John Chamberlain and Mark Shaker (HAP ’85) Robert Woodward – with HAP Students Dr. Ronald Gribbons HAP Mr. David Gee, HAP Dr. Robert Woodward HAP Dr. Virginia Hennelly HAP Dr. Mary Jane Griffith - Health Admin


138 black and white 8x10 inch photographs of staff and other situations related to the Department of Medicine including: Clinical Sciences Research Building Dedication Dr. Herweg – Freshman Winery party Olin – student reading in the dorm Children’s Hospital – aerial view CSRB – Children’s Jewish Hospital Medical Center – aerial view Barnes Hospital – aerial view Library – stacks Bookstore Smokestacks Laclede’s Landing – horse-drawn carriage Ambulance Dr. Peter Smith – Otolaryngology Dr. Michael Brooke – IWJ Art Museum – St. Louis statue Medical School walkway Dr. Saulo Klahr – Internal Medicine Dr. Louis Avioli – Department of Medicine Dr. David Kipnis – Department of Medicine Dr. Daughaday - Department of Medicine Dr. Stuart Kornfeld – Internal Medicine Dr. John Atkinson - Department of Medicine with student David Carpenter Dr. Phillip Majerus – Department of Medicine A Eisen – Medicine Dr. Bevra Hahn- Medicine Rheumatology Wm. Peck – Medicine Dr. Charles Parker – Department of Medicine Dr. William Daughaday – with Pat Winokur and Bill Thompson Dr. Gerald Medoff – with Chris Meyer, Ted Naureckas, and Susan Little Dr. Arthur Eisen – with Ruth Eisen, Daniel Snowden, and John Applebaum Dr. Marc Hammerman – with Tom Nowothy , Sheila Jones, George Mensah, Ella Wong, and Jordan Zuckerman WUMS II Dr. David Alpers – Medicine Dr. Phillip Majerus – with WUMS IV Dave Wilson and Ellis Neufield Dr. Keith Hruska – with Lucille Belnick Dr. Arthur Eisen – with Pat Windkur, Brian Volck, Alan Kritz, Elizabeth Demonchaux Dr. Robert Karsh – with John Nordlund Dr. Robert Senior – with Megan Wren and Adrianne Strickland Anthony Pearlstone – with Dr. James Finley John A. Powell MD and Tom Nowoyny dermatology Dr. Burton Sobel Dr. John MacDonald with Ken Goldblum WUSM IV Dr. Owen Kantor, Dr. Daughaday with David Johnson student Dr. Phillip Cryer – with Steve Smart WUMS IV Dr. Saulo Klahr – with Vera Bennett Dr. Marc Levin – with Sari Levine Sharon Gaines and Marissa Klein with Dr. Jeffery Vic Lenzi with Dr. Judith Wolf Dr. John McDonald with Ken Goldblum Dr. Robert Kleiger with Blanche Watson Dr. Neville Grant – with students John Baird, Gail Birkenmeier and Laura Rokusck Dr. Alan Jaffe Dr. Kenneth Ludmerer – with J. Sam Little and Norm Schmidt Dr. Robert Senior with Megan Wren Dr. Robert Senior – with Yasmira Watson and Scott Zager Dr. Elbert Trulock with Steve Anolik Dr. Alan Jaffe – CCU Dr. Saulo Klahr – with Ken Bregg and John Van Rybrock Dr. Jerome Flance with Joe Awad Dr. Elbert Trulock with Steve Anolik Dr. Phillip Cryer with Phyllis Brundidge WUMS II Dr. M. Alan Permutt Angelo Avogaro MD – Metabolism Dept. Dr. Jeff Gordon – Department of Medicine with David Theodora and Tom Hatley


31 black and white 8x10 inch photographs featuring staff in the Department of Microbiology including: Dr. Bill Goldman – with Kurt Klimpel Schlesinger Lab Microbiology/Immunology Elizabeth Wang Maynard Olson – with David Schlesinger Dr. David Schlesinger – with Beth Ehrlich FACS Machine – Grad Students Microbiology Dr. Milton Schlesinger – with Ursala Bond Dr. David Schlesinger – with James Thomas and Yukiro Schiomi Dr. Doug Berg – with Kathy Weston and Kathy Kellerman Dr. Henry Huang – with Bill Hollifield and Sucheta Manerikar Dr. David Schlesinger – with Bill Becker WUMS II Dr. William Goldman – with Maureen Frikke and Lauri Orgel Dr. Susan Cullen – Microbiology Dr. Kennell - Microbiology


14 black and white 8x10 inch photographs featuring staff in the Department of Neurology including: Dr. Alan Pearlman Dr. Robert Collins with Howard Rowley and Arthur Toga PhD Dr. Sven Elliasson Dr. William Powers Dr. Alan Pearlman – with Nikki Baumrind student Dr. Alan Pearlman – with Elisabeth Demonchaux WUMS IV Dr. Selwyn Picker Dr. Erwin Montgomery with Waldo Bracy Dr. Marcus Raichle with Mike Molleston Dr. Robert Collins with Howard Rowley and Arthur Toga J. Michael Hatlelid and Mike Steinberg

Obstetrics and Gynecology

21 black and white 8x10 inch photographs featuring staff in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology including: Dr. Diane Merritt OB/GYN – with Ann Vannier 3rd year student Dr. Sau Wan Cheung – OB/GYN Dr. Michael Nelson OB/GYN – with Doug Noordy and Barbara Garner Dr. James Warren OB/GYN – with Dr. Darryl Mc Kinney Dr. James Turner, MC6 Dr. Lawrence Kahn, MC6 Mazie Kopta – with Dr. James Crane and Dr. Carolyn Martin OB/GYN Dr. Roy Petrie OB/GYN- with David Callahan WUMS II Dr. Roy Petrie OB/GYN – with newborn child Dr. Gary Murdock OB/GYN Research – with Rob Hermitage Mazie Kopta – with Gene Chiao using ultrasound Mazie Kopta - with Dr. James Crane and Dr. Carolyn Martin Dr. Gary Murdock – with Bob Hermitage C. Martin - OB/GYN Margaret McKenzie - OB/GYN Michael Paul – with Giuliana Songster OB/GYN

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