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American Computer Scientists Tour China, 1972.

Contact sheets, photographs, and 35mm negatives. In this subseries the names of Chinese places used are those from 1972 and are as follows, with current spellings and names of cities are in parenthesis: Canton (Guangzhou), Peking (Beijing), Shanghai, Pearl River (also known as Zhujiang), Foshan Ancestral Temple (also known as Foshan Zumiao).

Computer Research Laboratory (CRL), circa 1960-1980.

Contact prints, photographs, and 35mm negatives of projects and work done at or by Washington University School of Medicine's Computer Research Laboratory (CRL). CRL was later renamed the Computer Systems Laboratory (CSL). Projects include: LINC, macromodular computer systems (MMs), and the Turing Machine experiment. LINC components are named in this subseries, since there are multiple names for components the following terms were used and common alternative names are in parenthesis: Console module (operators console, control panel), Display module (CRT unit, scope module, oscilloscope module), Terminal module (data terminal box or unit), Tape drive module (dual tape drive unit), Electronics cabinet (CPU cabinet). The Final LINC Evaluation Program Meeting, known as Convocation on the Mississippi, took place at the St. Louis Medical Society Auditorium March 18-19, 1965 and images from this event are found at: FC186-S11-SS02-B23-F08 thru F16. Materials from a binder titled "Macromodular Systems Project. Computer Systems Laboratory. Washington University. St. Louis, Missouri" are found in their original order at: FC186-S11-SS02-B26-F01 thru F23. A Turing machine was built by Wesley Clark and Bob Arnzen for an educational experiment at Washington University during the mid-1970s, and the photos for this are found at: FC186-S11-SS02-B26-F50 thru FC186-S11-SS02-B26-F54. See also FC186-S08-B20-F06 for related Turing Machine materials.

MIT, 1963.

Contact sheets and 35mm negatives taken at MIT during the summer of 1963. The LINC development team had been relocated from the Lincoln Laboratory to another part of campus to build and develop LINCs for the NIH sponsored LINC Evaluation Program. Participants in the evaluation program came to MIT for an intensive workshop where they put together their own LINCs from a kit, and went to lectures given by the LINC team on computer programming, theory, and use.

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