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Evarts A. Graham Papers
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Evarts A. Graham Papers

  • FC003
  • Collection
  • 1904-1957

The original inventory of the Graham Papers was compiled before the collection was donated to the Washington University School of Medicine Library.  Unfortunately, some items were removed from Dr. Graham’s files before the collection was donated.  Therefore, the inventory that was provided along with the collection included citations to many items, particularly scientific reprints, which had in fact been removed from the files before the collection was donated to the Archives.

The decision was made by the library staff to continue using the original inventory in order to show the collection in its entirety.  The inventory has been revised to include the following changes: (1) empty folders are marked as such by brackets or by an asterisk (*) to indicate items removed; (2) the collection has been microfilmed, and notations concerning the reels may be found within the inventory; (3) the collection has been placed in document boxes and notations concerning the boxes have been added to the inventory.

The files are divided into sixteen series, which are listed below. The series designations together with the folder titles provide basic descriptions of the contents.  Particular note, however, should be made of series 11, which contains correspondence files of Dr. Fred Murphy, Graham’s predecessor as Chairman of the Department of Surgery.

Graham, Evarts A. (Evarts Ambrose), 1883-1957

General Correspondence, 1919-1957

Upon Dr. Graham's retirement in 1951 as head of the Department of surgery, all appointment records were transferred to his successor, Dr. Carl A. Moyer. Folders 1-730. Arranged alphabetically.

A to Ad.

Irvin Abell; Jose Abello; Abbott Laboratories; Frank Abbey; William Henry Abbott; Edward Ablon; William E. Abbott; Mary C. Abney; Morris Abrams; Paul D. Abramson; Harry Harvey Abrahams; Academie Nationale de Medicine; Academia Peruana de Cirugia; Academy of General Practice; Academy of Medicine of Cleveland; Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati; Academy of Lima and Allen County Ohio Medical Society; Academy of Medicine of Toledo and Lucas County; Academy of Science of St. Louis; Academy of Surgery of Detroit; Carlos Acha; Lauren Vedder Ackerman; F. Douglas Ackman; Acthar

Ad to Al.

Alexander E. W. Ada; Adams County Medical Society of Illinois; Alfred O. Adams; Julia Adams; Herbert D. Adams; Julian E. Adams; R. B. Adams; W.B. Adamson; T. Addis; B.L. Adelsberger; Francis Heed Adler; Herman M. Adler; Alfred W. Adson; Advertising Club of St. Louis; Aetna Casualty and Surety Company; Afrique Francaise Chirurgicale; Roy Agostini; Oscar Leopoldo Aguilar; Richard E. Ahlquist; Louis F. Aitken; Hachiro Akaiwa; Ilhami Akcakoyunlu; E.N. Akers; W.E. Akers; Thomas R. Akin; W.M. Akin; Avni Aksel


Alabama State Medical Association; Alabama University; Guajardo M. Alanis; Donato G. Alarcon; Petronio Z. Alava; Manuel E. Albarenque; Ernesto Albarenque; Albany Medical College; Fred H. Albee; Fritz Albert; Michael Albery; Lt. Col. Conrad E. Albrecht; Fuller Albright; Arthur M. Alden; Nathaniel G. Alcock; Alcohol; Emil Abderhalden; Jo C. Alexander, Algonquin Golf Club; Allegheny County Medical Society; Arthur Allen; Horace Edward Allen; H.B. Allen; J. Garrott Allen; Jerry H. Allen Jr.; Mary Allen; N.H. Allen; Samuel S. Allen; Allens Baptist Sanitarium; Thomas D. Allen; Willard M. Allen; Juan Martin Allende; F.H. Alley; Allied Hospitals; L.F. Allison; Philip R. Allison; Claude Almand; A.S. Aloe Company; Jacob Alperin; Armando Alonso Vial; Alpha Kappa Kappa; William A. Altemeier; Carl J. Althaus; Alton District Manufacturers' Assoc.; Alumni Association; Alpha Kappa Phi; Fred F. Alsup; Nicholas M. Alter; W.A. Altemeier; Carl J. Althaus; Alton Medical Society; Alton Memorial Hospital; Walter Alvarez; Bennett Y. Alvis; E. B. Alvis; Alumni College of Medicine of Syracuse

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