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Reprints of published scientific papers, 1951-1993.

This complete set of Eli Robins' scientific publications is in chronological order. The reprint numbers are from: "Curriculum Vitae, Eli Robins, M.D. Date April 23, 1992," in the Eli Robins' vertical file. Each of the 4 bound volumes contains a table of contents.

Personal files, A-Z, 1942-1985.

These files were in Eli Robin' s personal office at the time of his death in 1995. This series contains correspondence concerning faculty appointments and awards. The general correspondence in this series is with friends, family and colleagues at Washington University. Publicity on Eli Robins contains major magazine articles and other publicity concerning Eli Robins.

Manuscripts of Papers, 1959-1992.

This series contains drafts of articles that Dr. Robins and his colleagues compiled for publication in scholarly journals with associated correspondence, reprints, and clippings.  The manuscripts are arranged roughly in alphabetical order by title.

General correspondence files, 1964-1992.

This series contains the correspondence kept by Dr. Eli Robins and his secretary, Mary Lavazzi, in the later part of his career.  It is arranged in alphabetical order by correspondent.

General files, 1955-1993.

These files contain correspondence but are mostly subject files also containing printed matter, newsletters, forms, etc. Original file titles are used.

Lecture slide masters, 1974-1982.

These images were text and illustrations for talks like a modern PowerPoint presentation. The first five folders contain slide masters for miscellaneous graphs and charts.

Coroners' rules, 1953-1981.

This series contains reference material and coroner's questionnaires concerning the functioning of the coroner's or medical examiner' s office. "Our special interest is in methods used for determining whether or not a given case is a suicide."-Form Letter, Eli Robins to Librairie Hatchette, 19 June 1967, Box 50, Folder 3.

Committee series, 1972-1989.

The series includes local Washington University School of Medicine IRB (Institutional Review Board) or Human Studies Committee minutes and correspondence, 1976-1989. The Neurobiology Committee documentation is for a shorter period. Robins was an active member of both committees.

Teaching series ("Professor's rounds"), 1965-1990.

As a senior faculty member, Eli Robins moderated professor's rounds, a Psychiatry department conference held weekly by a senior faculty member on the most interesting patient. Professor's rounds are an important teaching method for the clinical clerkship of the junior year for medical students and even now attended by residents and attending physicians. Eli Robins' professor's rounds notebooks contain patient information and are in in Series 23: Professor's Rounds. RESTRICTED FILE boxes 104-107. A few of the announcements in 1975-1976 contain patient information and have been removed to the RESTRICTED FILE box 104 as well.

Grant files, A-Z, 1969-1992.

The grants files include more research grants than training grants.  These grant files were in Robin' s Office in Psychiatry in 1993 and are in rough alphabetical order. Minutes, memos, correspondence, ledgers and notes and grant proposals and reports make up the files. Some grant proposals and reports are in other series. In addition, the grant files for the Collaborative program on the Psychobiology of Depression contain reviewer's manuscripts for monographs that  came out of the study.

Administrative Records: emergency room study and reprint files, 1959-1972.

These files were kept by Eli Robins and Kathye Gentry.  Eli Robins files are found in Box 68, Folder 5 through Box 69, Folder 4.  Kathye Gentry' s file are in Box 68, Folder 5 through Box 69, Folder 4. Kathye Gentry was Research Assistant on the Emergency Room study. Outdated coding instructions and coding sheets for data entry were discarded. Only the last coding manuals in ring notebooks were kept.

NIMH-CRB collaborative study, Administrative files, 1966, 1974-1982, 1988.

The Clinical Research Branch (National Institute of Mental Health finding) convened a conference that reviewed findings that patients with affective disorders have abnormalities in one or more neurobiological systems.  NIMH sponsored the development of a multi-research center, collaborative approach, to the study of the psychobiology of affective disorders from 1975-1986. St. Louis patients of this collaborative study of the psychobiology of depression were assigned the number 5.

Upjohn Adinazolam study, 1981-1986.

The method and results of this study are reported in: Hicks, Fred, Eli Robins, and George E. Murphy. "Comparison of adinazolam, amitriptyline, and placebo in the treatment of melancholic depression." Psychiatry research 23, no. 2 (1988): 221-227. Amitriptyline was shown to be superior to adinazolam and placebo for treatment of melancholic depression.

Schizophrenic study, 1954-1973.

During the 1950's schizophrenia was a major focus of Robins research. One initial paper from this patient study is: Robins, E., Croninger, A.B., Smith, K. and Moody, A.C., 1962. Studies on n?acetyl neuraminic acid in the cerebrospinal fluid in schizophrenia. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 96(1), pp.390-391.

Laboratory notebooks and other laboratory records, 1949-1971.

The series includes Robins lab notebooks (Boxes 82-93: 1949-1971), an index file on the bound laboratory notebooks (Box 173, Folder 1), glass microscope slides on monkeys (Box 78-81; polio study?), and loose leaf laboratory notebooks (Boxes 93-96: 1954-1971). Bound notebooks are numbered and the abstracts given are from the card index (Box 171, Item 1). The last box of looseleaf notebooks was labelled with a crossed out note: "Evelyn Cochran collaborative study books, Sylvia Moses notebooks and miscellaneous notebooks." The Sylvia Moses notebooks are in Boxes 94 and 95.

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