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Barnes Hospital Records Series
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Special Events, 1892-1996.

Series 6 is partially composed of materials related to significant moments in the creation and early days of the hospital, such as a transcript of Robert Barnes’ will; a statement of the early Barnes Hospital trustees to the Methodist Episcopal College of Bishops; and event programs from the hospital’s cornerstone laying and dedication. Various event programs of a later date comprise the remainder of the series. Items are sorted chronologically.

Internal Publications, 1915-1997.

Series 4 contains internal publications, issues by organizations within or associated with the hospital. The series is divided into two sub-series, with the first containing serial publications, and the second containing brochures and other short informational publications.

Staff Biographical Files, 1914-2007.

Series 5 includes various staff lists and registers, spanning the years 1915-1996. Staff lists are not available for all years in this span. Also included are Board of Directors, Auxiliary, and Society Council lists for various years. C.V.s, obituaries, letters of condolence, requests for memorial plaques, newspaper clippings, and staff cards are included for various staff members. Series is sorted first by material type, and then either chronologically by staff members’ last names or alphabetically by date of staff death or by date of material covered.

Funding, 1943-1955.

Series 2 is divided into two sub-series, focused on Barnes Hospital’s interactions with two different funds. The first focuses on Barnes’ requests for funding and documented expenditures as a recipient of funds from the local united giving fund, United Charities (later, Community Chest). The second focus on Mercantile Commerce Bank & Trust Company’s handling of securities of Barnes Hospital Endowment Fund. The sub-series is arranged chronologically.

Photographs, 1892-1994.

Series 9 is composed of photographs which fall into nine general groups. These include photographs of individuals and groups of individuals; images used in the publication ‘Barnes Magazine;’ images used in Barnes annual reports; photographs of official hospital groups and events; photograph of the interiors and exteriors of various hospital building (including construction photographs); oversized photographs of various images; photographs used in an exhibit displayed in an unknown location at an unknown time; glass slide negatives; and photograph prints of the glass slide negatives. For more photographs of Barnes Hospital, see: VC178, VC037, VC305, VC313, VC424, VC431, and VC101.

Digital Copies of Barnes Hospital Blueprints, 1912.

Digital copies only of original documents held by Barnes-Jewish Hospital Department of Facilities Engineering. Scans of construction copies of the 1912 blueprint tracings of Barnes Hospital. Scans include twenty-one copies of six unique structural prints of the Barnes Hospital Administration building; eleven architectural prints of the Barnes Hospital administration building; and ten architectural prints of the Barnes Hospital service building.


Series 11 contains artifacts ranging from hospital awards to pins, matchbooks, and keepsakes.

Newspaper Clippings and External Publications, 1899-1994.

Boxes 55a, 55b, and 55c of series 7 contain newspaper clippings and press releases related to Barnes Hospital. The individual pages were originally grouped in folders together, and the page numbers reflect their order in these folders. Box 56 contains various publications concerning Barnes, either directly or tangentially.

Administrative, 1914-1994.

Series 1 focuses on forms, registers, and schedules used to enable and record the day-to-day functioning of the hospital. It also contains portion of the governing Board’s meeting minutes. The series includes two sub-series divisions. The first sub-series consists of various hospital schedules, including surgical, room assignments, and Medico-Military for the years 1932-1937. The second sub-series includes thirteen binders containing hospital Board of Directors monthly meeting minutes for the years 1992-1994. The remainder of the series includes a patient census for Barnes Hospital, 1936-1948; McMillan Hospital, 1943-1948; St. Louis Maternity Hospital, 1944-1948; and Washington University Clinics, 1944-1948. Boxes 2-5 contain registers of patients admitted and discharged from Barnes Hospital for the years 1958-1964. Finally, a book containing various blank forms for the first year of the hospital’s operation is included in box 6. The series and sub-series are arranged chronologically.