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Scrapbook presented to JE on his 70th birthday, January 5, 1944, 1943-1944.

The scrapbook contains letters and telegrams sent to JE at the request of Carl F. Cori, who evidently coordinated this feature of the celebration. Writers include Samuel Amberg, Philip Bard, Cuthbert Barzett, Harold Bradley, Detlev W. Bronk, Henry Bunting, A. J. Carlson, Tom Cori, George W. Corner, E. V. Cowdry, Daniel C. Darrow, Hallowell Davis, Eugene F. DuBois, Benjamin M. Duggar, Alexander Forbes, W. E. Garrey, Robert Gesell, Joseph C. Hinsey, B. A. Houssay, Philip Jeans, Chauncey D. Leake, R. S. Lillie, Rafael Lorente de No, Eugene Opie, William Townsend Porter, Francis O. Schmitt, Henry G. Schwartz, Gordon H. Scott, Robert J. Terry, Harvey Lester White, Carl J. Wiggers, members of the Erlanger family, among others.

Album of sphygmographic tracings and tachygraphs (tachographs), 1902-1903.

In 1902-1903 JE was an assistant and instructor in physiology at the Johns Hopkins Medical School (having been appointed in 1900). That year he was active in a series of experiments using what he himself described as a sphygmomanometer, an instrument to record blood pressure and arterial pulse. The data were recorded in the form of blood pressure tracings on smoked paper fixed to revolving drums, and thus termed sphygmographs in the contemporary literature. Other terms, used with greater frequency later, were kymographic tracing or kymogram, emphasizing the wave-like course of the tracings. In any case, what we have here are tracings in two formats produced between December 1902 and April 1903, one on black paper (the original smoked paper tracings) and the other on coated white paper (termed

Box 20

Boxes 20-24 contain three by five-inch cards. Box 20 includes: acacia; blood; blood pressure in man, velocity, etc.; mechanics of circulation

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