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Atkinson, John P.

Clippings from Medical Public Affairs scrapbooks: Apr76, Jul77, 20Nov78, 28Jan79, Aug80 WU Record 1993: Oct. 21: 2,6; Oct. 21: 3; Nov. 4: 6. Nov. 11: 1,6. Outlook 1993: Fall: 4. WU Magazine and Alumni News 1993: Summer:6. News Highlights 1993: August: 8.

Avioli, Louis V.

Clippings from Medical Public Affairs scrapbooks: 18Jul66, 26Mar67, 2Sep68, 22Jan69, 12Feb69, 1Sep69, 10Jul70, Sep70, Oct70, 14Oct70, 9Feb71, 24Feb71, 22Mar71, 24Jan72, 10Apr72, 7May72, 13Jul73, 14Sep73, 8Oct73, 21Oct73, Feb75, 5Dec75, 8Jan76, 30Apr76, 13Jul76, 21Jul76, 28Mar77, 8Jul77, 28Aug77, 3Nov77, 28Jan80, 14Feb80, Mar80, 6Mar80, 24Apr80, May80, 28May80, Jun80, 5Jun80, 11Jun80, 12Jun80, 23Jul80, 30Jul80, 15Jan81, 22Jan81, 5Feb81, 15Sep81 WU Record 1993: Jul. 1: 7.

Barnes Hospital, 1970-1979

Clippings from Medical Public Affairs scrapbooks: 17-18Jan70, 19Jan70, 2Feb70, 3Feb70, 13Mar70, 25Mar70, 22May70, 23May70, 24May70, 25May70, 26May70, 27May70, 1Jun70, 3Jun70, 5Jun70, 13Jun70, 10Jul70, 2Sep70, 18Sep70, 19Feb71, 20-21Mar71, 22Mar71, 19Apr71, 21Apr71, 2May71, 4May71, 9May71, 10May71, 15-16May71, 16May71, 12-13Jun71, 19-20Jun71, 13Oct71, 2Jan72, Mar72, 24Apr72, 30Mar72, 4May72, 10May72, 12May72, 28May72, 29Jun72, 30Jun72, 30Jul72, 23Oct72, 12Nov72, 2-3Dec72, 5Dec72, 6Dec72, 12Dec72, 22Dec72, 27Dec72, Feb73, Mar73, 4Mar73, 7Mar73, 15Mar73, 3Apr72, 15Apr73, 26Apr73, 11May73, 21May73, 11Jun73, 22Aug73, 23Aug73, Oct73, 6Oct73, 10Oct73, 12Oct73, 3-4Nov73, 4Nov73, 14Nov73, 16Nov73, 17Nov73, 18Nov73, 3Feb74, 20Feb74, 13Mar74, 7Apr74, 13-14Apr74, 14Apr74, 27-28Apr74, 8May74, 16May74, 22May72, 23May74, 29May74, 19Jun74, 3Oct74, 25Nov74, 28Nov74, 17Dec74, 18Dec74, 21-22Dec74, 7Jan75 31Jan75, 4Feb75, 10Feb75, 19Feb75, 2Apr75, 16May75, 22May75, 18Jul75, 24Aug75, 15Feb76, 7Mar76, 2Jun76, 3Oct76, 19Feb78, 24Feb78, 28-29Jun79, 15Nov79

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