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Larm apparatus, 1908

One round silver metal apparatus with wind-up mechanism on one side, along with a shiny protruding volume control and a nipple type extrusion on one end. Designed by R. Barany as a noise maker device to mask or eliminate the contralateral ear during a monaural hearing test. The wind up mechanism produces a whirring sound that can be controlled by the volume button with the nipple extrusion inserted into the canal of the contralateral ear during a hearing test.

Bilateral circular receptor, 19th century

Black lacquered metal bilateral circular receptor trumpet hearing device. There are two circular receptors back to back at the end of a single fixed tube. The receptor pans are partially covered forming two hollow convex receptors open in opposite directions. The earpiece is curved and made from vulcanite. There is a small ring on the tube section so that a user may wear it around their neck.

Itchin model adjustable resonator hearing device, ca. 1875

Adjustable Resonator telescopic device, black with chipped area showing gold paint. Knob on body of device allows the size of the mouthpiece opening to be controlled. The earpiece is curved and adjustable allowing it to turn in all directions and to be inserted completely inside the mouthpiece section.

Heap's topophone.

Invented by Lieutenant Colonel David Porter Heap of the United States Lighthouse Service, the Topophone (from the Greek 'topos' = place and 'phone' = sound) is designed to assist the ear in determining the direction from which a sound originates. Two curved metal funnels in opposition with each other at the end of a long wooden rod. Small openings at the ends of the funnels and 3.5 inch wide openings at the receptor portion of the funnels. The rod can be folded and there is a suspension ring that allows the user to wear the device and one that protrudes when the device is folded to hold in place.

Marshall's Collector ear trumpet, 19th century

Black (flat finish) metal (Brass?) trumpet device called "Marshall's Collector" as per Hawksley 1883 Catalogue. It appears to be composed of three pieces that are adjustable but not removable. The earpiece is the shortest piece and the tip is made of vulcanite, the body is 9 inches long and the funnel is 6 inches long with a 5.75 inch wide opening.

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