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Jean Matthews Oral History

  • OH120
  • Collection
  • March 19, 2007

Interview conducted by Susan Deusinger of the Physical Therapy Department, WUSM. Approximate Length: 32 minutes.

Matthews, Jean

Janet Prior Oral History

  • OH125
  • Collection
  • May 25, 2007

Interview conducted by Susan Deusinger of the Physical Therapy Department, WUSM. Approximate Length: 40 minutes.

Prior, Janet

James D. Miller Oral History

  • OH153
  • Collection

Oral history recording of James D. Miller, retired Head of Research for the Central Institute for the Deaf (CID) inteviewed by Rosalie Uchanski, Assistant Professor or Otolaryngology, October 7, 2016.

Israel D. Newmark and Stanley L. Harrison Oral History

  • OH042
  • Collection
  • 5/8/1980

Israel Newmark and Stanley Harrison discuss some of their experiences as students at the Washington University School of Medicine and graduating at the beginning of the Depression. Both discuss aspects of their internships and residencies, including the low pay that they received. Changes in medical training, continuing medical education, pediatrics and the treatment of children, and homeopathic practitioners are discussed. Newmark and Harrison also recall some of their memorable professors, such as W. McKim Marriott. Interviewed by Paul Anderson on May 8, 1980. OH042. Approximate Length 65 minutes.

Newmark, Israel D.

Isabelle Bohman Oral History

  • OH083
  • Collection
  • September 15, 2005

Interview conducted by Susan Deusinger of the Physical Therapy Department, WUSM. Approximate Length: 39 minutes.

Bohman, Isabelle

Ira J. Hirsh Oral History

  • OH077
  • Collection
  • January 12, 2006

Interviewed by Mara Mills in 2006. Approximate Length: 72 minutes.

Hirsh, Ira J.

I. Jerome Flance Oral History

  • OH151
  • Collection
  • January 5, 2008

Oral history interview with I. Jerome Flance, MD on January 5, 2008. Interview conducted by Mabel Purkerson, MD, Gerald Medoff, MD, and Jeffrey Cislo, MD.

Herbert A. Anderson Oral History

  • OH022
  • Collection
  • 5/13/1976

Anderson discusses his experiences as a student at the Washington University School of Medicine in the 1920s and some of his instructors, including Evarts A. Graham and Ernest Sachs. Anderson also details his experiences as senior medical officer on a hospital transport ship during World War II and his continuing study of abdominal surgery at the Allgemeine Krankenhaus at the University of Vienna. Interviewed by Darryl B. Podoll on May 13 , 1976. OH022. Approximate Length 41 minutes.

Anderson, Herbert A., Jr.

Henry V. Kirby Oral History

  • OH070
  • Collection
  • 5/5/1983

Kirby relates how he was a fifth generation graduate of the Washington University School of Medicine, and its antecedent institutions, the Missouri Medical College and the St. Louis Medical College. He talks of returning to Arkansas to take over his uncle’s medical practice in the early 1930s, helping to found the first hospital in Harrison, Arkansas, and serving in the Medical Corps during World War II. This interview was recorded during the 50th reunion of the Washington University School of Medicine Class of 1933. Lloyd L. Penn, another member of the class of 1933, joins in the interview, as does another unidentified alumnus. The interview ends abruptly. Interviewed by Casey Croy on May 5, 1983. OH070. Approximate Length 45 minutes.

Kirby, Henry V.

Helen Wells Stevenson and Lucy Stevenson Oral History

  • OH075
  • Collection
  • 4/21/1983

Helen Wells Stevenson and Lucy Stevenson discuss the life and career of Paul H. Stevenson (1890-1971). Stevenson received his B.S. degree from Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio in 1913 and his medical degree from Washington University School of Medicine in 1916. His widow and sister relate stories about Stevenson’s career as an anatomist and anthropologist at the Peking Union Medical College, where he worked in the 1920s and 1930s under the auspices of the Rockefeller Foundation and the China Medical Board. They also discuss Stevenson’s work and interaction with prominent colleagues, such as Davidson Black and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Swedish explorer Sven Hedin. Stevenson’s experiences in Burma and India during World War II, as part of the United States Public Health Service, is covered. Helen Stevenson describes her husband’s interest in public health issues, especially those concerning mental illness and alcoholism, and his work as a consultant after the war in those areas. Interviewed by Paul G. Anderson on April 21 and July 18, 1983. OH075. Approximate Length 98 minutes.

Stevenson, Helen Wells

Helen Wells Oral History

  • OH097
  • Collection
  • September 19, 2006

Interview for the School of Nursing Alumni.

Wells, Helen

Helen E. Nash Oral History

  • OH073
  • Collection
  • 4/20/1999

Nash discusses growing up in Atlanta as the child of a successful African-American physician father and music teacher mother. She relates some of her experiences attending Meharry Medical College in the early 1940s and coming to St. Louis for her internship and residency at Homer G. Phillips Hospital. Nash discusses establishing and running a successful solo pediatric practice and the racism and sexism she faced during her professional career. She also discusses her mentor, Park J. White, and some of their experiences fighting segregation in medical care in St. Louis. Interviewed by Marion Hunt on April 20, 1999. OH073. Approximate Length 71 minutes.

Nash, Helen E.

Helen Bartlett Oral History

  • OH087
  • Collection
  • July 21, 2006

Interview conducted by Susan Deusinger of the Physical Therapy Department, WUSM. Approximate Length: 65 minutes.

Bartlett, Helen

Harry Agress Oral History

  • OH054
  • Collection
  • 4/22/1982

Agress discusses his medical studies at Washington University School of Medicine (St. Louis, Mo.) and the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, Minn.); his service in World War II with the U.S. Army, 21st General Hospital, in Algeria, Italy, and France; and his civilian practice in St. Louis as a physician and pathologist. He speaks about some of his professors and colleagues, including Evarts A. Graham, Ernest Sachs, and Lee D. Cady, and some of his experiences at the Jewish Hospital of St. Louis. Interviewed by Paul G. Anderson on April 22, 1982. OH054. Approximate Length: 93 minutes.

Agress, Harry

Harriet Smith Kaplan Oral History

  • OH050
  • Collection
  • 5/6/1981

Kaplan discusses her experiences as a female medical student at Washington University School of Medicine in the 1950s, her internship at San Francisco General Hospital, her work in nuclear medicine and psychiatry, and colleagues and teachers such as Arthur Kornberg. She also compares medical students of the 1950s to those of the 1970s and 1980s. Interviewed by Paul Anderson on May 6, 1981. OH050. Approximate Length 77 minutes.

Kaplan, Harriet Smith

Hallowell Davis Oral History

  • OH027
  • Collection
  • 4/6/1977

These interviews begin with Davis’s studies at Harvard and his post-graduate study in England. Davis discusses his research on the electrophysiology of the auditory system and electrical activity of the brain and his defense work during World War II studying human tolerance to loud sounds. Davis describes the establishment of a research department at the Central Institute for the Deaf and work on hearing tests and speech audiometry, including the development of the first American standards for audiometers. Davis describes then-current methods in electro-physiology to measure peripheral hearing of young children by detecting electrical responses in the brain. The interview ends with a brief discussion of the problems related to world overpopulation, pollution, and international relations.

The transcript presents an edited version of the sound recording. The interview begins with a biographical sketch of Hallowell Davis, and ends with a revised biographical sketch. Interviewed by Estelle Brodman on April 6, 1977 and April 28, 1977. OH027. Approximate Length 2 hours, 45 minutes.

Davis, Hallowell, 1896-1992

H. Rommel Hildreth Oral History

  • OH030
  • Collection
  • 4/8/1981

Hildreth discusses the dispute between the Washington University School of Medicine and Barnes Hospital in the early 1960s, and the roles of Edgar M. Queeny (chairman of the Trustees of Barnes Hospital), Edward W. Dempsey (dean of the medical school), consultants Joseph Hinsey and John H. Knowles, and Washington University chancellor George Pake. Hildreth also talks about some of the faculty of the medical school while he was a student in the mid-1920s, such as Evarts A. Graham and Joseph Erlanger.  Interviewed by Estelle Brodman on April 8, 1981. OH030. Approximate Length 53 minutes.

Hildreth, H. Rommel

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