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Gustavus Richard Brown lecture notes

  • PC147
  • Collection
  • 1766-1768

The collection consists of 4 notebooks of lectures made by Gustavus R. Brown while a student at the University of Edinburgh in 1766-1768.  There are four volumes in the collection: 1-2. Lectures on physiology by William Cullen, 1766-1767; 3. Cullen's  practice [of physic] by William Cullen,  and  4. Doctor Young on midwifery by Thomas Young, 1767-1768.

Brown, Gustave Richard

Thomas Jefferson Letter

  • PC011
  • Collection
  • 1810, 1814

This collection includes a single handwritten letter by former president Thomas Jefferson. The letter, dated December 26, 1814, was sent to John McAllister, an optician in Philadelphia. McAllister had crafted several sets of Jefferson’s lenses that were purchased during his second presidential term. Several years had passed since Jefferson bought the lenses and he had only just begun to use one of the sets McAllister had made. As he began using this particular set regularly, he found that a few didn’t work as desired. In the letter, Jefferson explains, in his eloquent style, what he perceives to be the problem and asks McAllister to repair the faulty lenses.

Jefferson, Thomas

William Beaumont Papers

  • PC001
  • Collection
  • 1807-1853

The Beaumont collection includes correspondence, notebooks and casebooks, pre-publication drafts, notes, certificates, press clippings, and legal and financial documents.  The major subject of the collection is the Alexis St. Martin case and the pioneering and controversial experiments on St. Martin that illuminated the physiology of human digestion.  The papers also document Beaumont’s strong influence on his family including his wife, parents, siblings, and children; his career as a U. S. army surgeon, 1812-1939; land speculation in Plattsburgh, Green Bay and Saint Louis; and his service on the U.S. Army Board and professional associations.  Of local interest is the correspondence on Beaumont’s medical practice in Saint Louis, 1939-1853; two malpractice lawsuits; the Saint Louis Medical College where Beaumont served as a faculty member; and the politics in the Saint Louis medical community.

The manuscript collection described below consists of three document series arranged predominantly in chronological order.  Series 1 includes all items that were described in the 1968 Index.  For reasons never discussed in the 1968 Index, many items in the gift of papers to Washington University were omitted from its elaborate analysis.  These items now make up Series 2 and Series 3 of the Beaumont Papers.  Beaumont’s notebooks are compiled into Series 2.  Newspaper clippings and book reviews that were once in the possession of Beaumont and his family make up Series 3.

Beaumont, William

Humboldt Medical College Records

  • PC041
  • Collection
  • 1866-1869

This collection includes minutes of the faculty, rules and regulations, and faculty correspondence.

Humboldt Medical College

Female Hospital of Saint Louis Records

  • PC095
  • Collection
  • 1876-1886

The Female Hospital of St. Louis records include a patient register (volume 20 x 15.5 inches) containing names of patients admitted to the hospital, 1876-1886, and a booklet, "Rules and regulations for the government of the Female Hospital submitted by the health commissioner to the board of health, John D. Stevenson, health commissioner," 1884.

Heinrich Wilhelm Homeyer Papers

  • PC162
  • Collection
  • 1884-1889

This collection consists of 24 documents and photographs related to the education of Heinrich Wilhelm Homeyer in Germany in the late 19th century. The majority of the documents refer to Homeyer's medical education, but the collection also includes his high school matriculation certificate and his undergraduate matriculation certificate, as well as his credentials to study medicine. Homeyer's medical school disseration was translated from the original German in 1986 by Marion McGuinn, former Rare Book Librarian at Becker Library. His translation and an annotated photocopy of the dissertation are also included in this collection.

Don Pierce Lecture Notes

  • PC014
  • Collection
  • 1899-1900

Lecture notes taken at Barnes Medical College, 1899-1900

Pierce, Don

Louis Crusius Papers

  • PC165
  • Collection
  • 1893-1901

This small collection consists of three series. Series 1 consists of biographical information about Louis Crusius collected by the St. Louis Medical Society. Series 2 includes two publications with illustrations by Louis Cruisius, and Series 3 contains the Antikamnia calendars illustrated by Cruisus.

Robert Moore Notebook

  • PC042
  • Collection
  • 1884-1904

Statistics of Cholera in Saint Louis in Robt. Moore, a 3 by 5 inch notebook containing mortality data for all blocks of the city in that year. The folder also contains related printed matter.

Moore, Robert M.

August Carl Schulenburg Papers

  • PC066
  • Collection
  • 1902-1908

August Carl Schulenburg was a graduate of the Washington University Medical Department in 1906, and he served as an intern at the St. Louis Mullanphy Hospital the following year.  His papers and photographs afford a rare glimpse of medical education in the early 1900s from the perspective of a student and a young physician.  The narrative entitled “Reminiscences of August Carl Schulenburg, 1902-1907” in Series 1 is an especially interesting and informative piece.

Walter Wyman Reprints

  • PC048
  • Collection
  • 1883-1911

Reprints of papers, essays, and addresses by Walter Wyman, MD, Surgeon General, 1883-1911... secured through courtesy of Messrs Henry P. and Frank Wyman for the St. Louis Medical History Club by George Homan, MD,... 1911.

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