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Park J. White Oral History

  • OH036
  • Collection
  • 1/29/1979

White discusses his decision to come to St. Louis Children’s Hospital and the Washington University School of Medicine in 1920, and his interaction with Williams McKim Marriott. He describes the medical ethics course he taught for over twenty years. White shares his views on fee-splitting, abortion and birth control, euthanasia, women in medicine, malpractice insurance, and answers a question about his involvement in the integration of the Academy of Pediatrics in the 1940’s. The discussion covers White’s medical practice and treatment of disadvantaged children and the prevalence of lead-poisoning in that population. The interview concludes with White reciting one of his poems. Interviewed by Darryl Podoll on January 29, 1979. OH036. Approximate Length 60 minutes.

White, Park J.

Norman C. Wolff, Jr. Oral History

  • OH114
  • Collection
  • 10/26/2006

Wolff shares his remembrances of his grandparents, Leonore and Max A. Goldstein. He discusses his grandfather’s career – the founding of the Central Institute for the Deaf and the scientific journal the Laryngoscope, and Goldstein’s travel and study in Europe. Noted are Goldstein’s penchant for collecting rare books, art, and Native American relics. Wolff provides details about the campus of CID and the history of its buildings and development. Also discussed are CID faculty and staff members such as Helen S. Lane, Julia M. Connery, Mildred A. McGinnis, Rafael Lorente de Nó, S. Richard Silverman, Hallowell Davis, and Jean Moog. Wolff also relates some of his memories of growing up in St. Louis in the 1930s and vacationing with his family in Frankfort, Michigan. CID Executive Director Robin Feder participates briefly in the interview. Interviewed by Paul G. Anderson on October 26, 2007. OH114. Approximate Length 157 minutes.

Wolff, Norman C. ("Tom"), Jr.

Agnes Zeigler Oral History

  • OH098
  • Collection
  • September 18, 2006

Interview for the School of Nursing Alumni.

Zeigler, Agnes

Carolyn M. Baum Oral History, 2010

  • OH129
  • Collection
  • 2010-04-09

Interview conducted by Susan Deusinger of the Physical Therapy Department, WUSM.

Baum, M. Carolyn

Nancy Bloom Oral History

  • OH130
  • Collection
  • 2010-04-05

Interview conducted by Susan Deusinger of the Physical Therapy Department, WUSM.

Bloom, Nancy

Eugene J. Bribach Oral History

  • OH019
  • Collection
  • 10/8/1975

Bribach discusses his experiences in medical school and his later studies in medicine in Germany. He also comments on some of his instructors, such as Robert J. Terry; classmates, such as Sherwood Moore; and his medical internship at St. Louis City Hospital. Interviewed by Darryl Podoll on October 8, 1975. OH019. Approximate Length 90 minutes.

Bribach, Eugene J.

Cheryl Caldwell Oral History

  • OH131
  • Collection
  • 2011-03-18

Interview conducted by Susan Deusinger of the Physical Therapy Department, WUSM.

Caldwell, Cheryl Ann

Ruth Clark Oral History

  • OH144
  • Collection
  • February 23, 2012

Interview conducted by Susan Deusinger, Director of the Program in Physical Therapy, WUSM with Ruth "Billie" Clark.

E. V. Cowdry Oral History (OH008)

  • OH008
  • Collection

In the first interview Cowdry describes his early days at the Peking Union Medical College, established by the Rockefeller Foundation in China, from 1917 to 1921. He describes the state of medical education and practice of medicine in China at that time. The second interview concerns the 15th Japan Medical Congress in March-April, 1959 and the work of Dr. H. Marvin Pollard and his survey of Japanese teaching hospitals.

Interviewed by Walter W. Walker in 1969. Approximate Length: 90 minutes.

Cowdry, E. V. (Edmund Vincent)

William S. Dock Oral History

  • OH053
  • Collection
  • 10/5/1981

Dock discusses his preclinical education in medical school in the late 1910s at Washington University School of Medicine and early research with cathode ray oscilloscopes. He talks about his father, George Dock, who was professor of medicine (1910-1922) and dean (1910-1912) of the WUSM, and the differences in medical education in his father’s and his generations. Dock discusses his impressions of members of the WUSM faculty, including Joseph Erlanger, Robert J. Terry, and Eugene Opie. He also relates some of his experiences as a pathology professor at several medical schools. Interviewed by Paul G. Anderson on October 5, 1981. OH053. Approximate Length 90 minutes.

Dock, William S.

Abraham E. Hiebert Oral History

  • OH018
  • Collection
  • 5/16/1975

Hiebert discusses his experiences as a student at the Washington University School of Medicine in the 1920s and the influence of some of his professors such as Vilray P. Blair. Hiebert also discusses his career as a plastic surgeon. Interviewed by Darryl Podoll on May 16, 1975. OH018. Approximate Length 23 minutes.

Hiebert, Abraham E.

Myrtle Higdon Oral History

  • OH126
  • Collection
  • May 25, 2007

Interview conducted by Susan Deusinger of the Physical Therapy Department, WUSM. Approximate Length: 48 minutes.

Higdon, Myrtle

H. Rommel Hildreth Oral History

  • OH030
  • Collection
  • 4/8/1981

Hildreth discusses the dispute between the Washington University School of Medicine and Barnes Hospital in the early 1960s, and the roles of Edgar M. Queeny (chairman of the Trustees of Barnes Hospital), Edward W. Dempsey (dean of the medical school), consultants Joseph Hinsey and John H. Knowles, and Washington University chancellor George Pake. Hildreth also talks about some of the faculty of the medical school while he was a student in the mid-1920s, such as Evarts A. Graham and Joseph Erlanger.  Interviewed by Estelle Brodman on April 8, 1981. OH030. Approximate Length 53 minutes.

Hildreth, H. Rommel

Ira J. Hirsh Oral History

  • OH077
  • Collection
  • January 12, 2006

Interviewed by Mara Mills in 2006. Approximate Length: 72 minutes.

Hirsh, Ira J.

Richard W. Hudgens Oral History

  • OH049
  • Collection
  • 4/28/1981

Hudgens relates some of his experiences as a student at WUSM in the 1950s and some of his influential professors, such as Edward Dempsey, Carl Moore, George Saslow, and Sam Guze. Hudgens also discusses the development of his interest in psychiatry, his medical residencies in Virginia and North Carolina, his experiences as a staff psychiatrist at the U.S. Air Force Hospital at Lackland AFB in Texas, and his experiences on the faculty and in the administration of the Washington University School of Medicine. Interviewed by Paul G. Anderson on April 28, 1981. OH049. Approximate Length 59 minutes.

Hudgens, Richard W.

Andrew B. Jones Oral History

  • OH046
  • Collection
  • October 10, 1980

In his oral history interview, Jones discusses some of his experiences as a medical officer during World War I. He also recalls some of the changes he witnessed over the years in the field of neurology and at the Washington University School of Medicine. Jones recalls some of his colleagues, such as Vilray P. Blair, George Dock, Ernest Sachs, and Sidney Schwab.

Interviewed by Paul Anderson in 1980. Approximate Length: 53 minutes. Grace Jones (Mrs. Andrew B. Jones) was also present and spoke during the interview.

Jones, Andrew B.

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