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"Staniland" model canteen receptor.

In 1875 T. Hawksley, Ltd. of London made this ingenious hearing device for a deafened African rubber planter. The planter traveled on horseback to supervise his workers in the fields. The metal aid is shaped like a water canteen and is covered with leather. An adjustable leather strap allows the device to be carried over the shoulder. The removal of the metal grill on the top reveals 5 partitions to receive the sound. A sturdy 34 inch flexible rubber tube extends from the box to the ear. 'HAWKSLEY, 357 OXFORD, LONDON' is inscribed on a plate attached to the metal grill.

London dome hearing trumpet, 19th century

Black enameled brass (chipped in places) London dome trumpet, 19 inches long, with 5 inch wide mouthpiece opening. Mouthpiece opening is covered with grillwork composed of many holes, called a "refiner" to soften the sound. The mouthpiece section can be detached from the earpiece/body section which is 1.1 feet long. Curved earpiece is made of ivory. There is a small ring at the base of the earpiece/body section to allow the user to wear it around the neck with a string.

London dome hearing trumpet, 19th century

Black metal London Dome trumpet, with 8 inch opening in the mouthpiece/receptor area. Mouthpiece/receptor area is open with no grillwork in the interior. Body/earpiece starts in the interior of the mouthpiece section and continues out and curves into a long earpiece section, 1.5 feet long. Earpiece section is made of vulcanite. At the base of the receptor there is a soldered ring to allow the user to hook a finger through for ease of holding.

Booster-Duotone, 192-

Carbon aid in brown leather case. Handle on top with two snaps. Contains two round openings on front of box that show snowflake pattern of microphones, with an on-off switch between the two microphone openings. All parts of the aid are stored in the carrying case. Wires still intact along with cord--one cord has tag that reads "battery cord." No battery.

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