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Samuel E. Newman Papers

  • PC168
  • Collection
  • circa 1930s

This small collection consists of reprints, photographs, and medical instruments from Samuel E. Newman. Material includes reprints of Newman's publications, photographs and lantern slides depicting case subjects, and two proctology instruments.

Adolph Pfeiffer Collection

  • PC167
  • Collection

This small collection consists of pharmaceutical items from the S. Pfeiffer Manufacturing Company (3965 Laclede Avenue), owned and operated by Adolph Pfeiffer. The material includes three funnels used for filling pill bottles; a wooden herb and powder mixing trough; cast iron cork press; three wooden pill counting shovels; and one roll of Schoenfeld K & L Tea labels.

Lindsay J. Kirkham Papers

  • PC166
  • Collection
  • 1942-2016

This collection contains records related to Lindsay J. Kirkham, Jr., a 1946 graduate of Washington University School of Medicine. Collection materials include academic and military service records, certificates, membership cards, two patent applications, a patent for an Electrocardiographic Switching System (patent #3343528), two CVs, a certificate of copyright registration, and an obituary.

Louis Crusius Papers

  • PC165
  • Collection
  • 1893-1901

This small collection consists of three series. Series 1 consists of biographical information about Louis Crusius collected by the St. Louis Medical Society. Series 2 includes two publications with illustrations by Louis Cruisius, and Series 3 contains the Antikamnia calendars illustrated by Cruisus.

Katherine Bain Papers

  • PC164
  • Collection

This collection contains personal and professional files, publications, correspondence, photographs, and 35 mm. slides. Personal files include biographical information, correspondence, and related documents, as well as funeral and obituary information. Bain's professional files include documentation related to her work with Alpha Omega Alpha, St. Louis Children's Hospital, UNICEF, and the World Health Organizaiton Expert Advisory Panel. Publications include a selection of Bain's reprints and articles written by others as well as commercial catalogs. The majority of the photographs in the collection are personal family photographs, but some photographs are related to Bain's work with UNICEF and St. Louis Children's Hospital. The slides primarily depict Bain's extensive travels on behalf of UNICEF in the 1960s. The collection includes the original slides as well as two CDs containing digital surrogates of the originals.

Bain, Katherine

Bernard S. Loitman Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner Literature

  • PC163
  • Collection
  • 1975-1983

This collection consists of 119 brochures, plans, and correspondence pertaining to CT scanners manufactured and marketed by various firms, 1975-1983. Firms include: American Science & Engineering, Inc., Artronix, Inc., EMI Medical, Inc., General Electric, Ohio-Nuclear, Inc., Omnimedical, Pfizer/AS&E, Picker Corp., Searle CT Systems, Syntex Medical Systems, Technicare Deltascan Division, and Universal Medical Scanners, Inc.

Heinrich Wilhelm Homeyer Papers

  • PC162
  • Collection
  • 1884-1889

This collection consists of 24 documents and photographs related to the education of Heinrich Wilhelm Homeyer in Germany in the late 19th century. The majority of the documents refer to Homeyer's medical education, but the collection also includes his high school matriculation certificate and his undergraduate matriculation certificate, as well as his credentials to study medicine. Homeyer's medical school disseration was translated from the original German in 1986 by Marion McGuinn, former Rare Book Librarian at Becker Library. His translation and an annotated photocopy of the dissertation are also included in this collection.

T. T. Omohundro Autopsy Report, 1957

  • PC161
  • Collection

This small collection contains an autopsy report for Tipton Turner Omohundro, prepared by Henry C. Allen, MD (WUSM Class of 1933) for Omohundro's physician, James B. Jones, MD (WUSM Class of 1938), February 11, 1957.

Homer W. Davis Notebooks

  • PC160
  • Collection

This collection includes 26 notebooks containing handwritten notes from Dr. Homer Willard Davis’ time as a student at St. Louis Medical College of Washington University. Also included are a few loose leaf papers with notes, a letter of condolence, Davis’ matriculation sheet, two French Phrase books, and a published medical excerpt.

Norman A. James Notebook

  • PC159
  • Collection

This small collection consists of a six ring binder with "Norman A. James, M.D." printed on the front cover. Inside on 6 x 3 1/2 inch ruled paper are handwritten notes on medical and therapeutic topics filed alphabetically within tab index dividers (eg. Acidosis and Alkalosis-Dr. Hartmann is filed under A; EKG filed under E, etc.). The notes included numerous literature citations. At the front of the binder is a section entitled "Flexible Rules for Practice" which outlines common sense guidlines for the smooth operation of a physician's office in private practice. At the back of the binder are preprinted cards with conversion tables, normal values for blood tests and lab results, and other quick reference cards useful for a physician. The last card lists "Some Important SKF Products" featuring pharmaceutical products from Smith, Kline, and French.

Found folded inside the binder were two blank Barnes Hospital forms used for notations during the physical examination and for taking a medical history.

Also found in the binder was a Washington University receipt card for the tuition payment for the 1949-1950 fall semester of Norman A. James's senior year at the Washington University School of Medicine.

Passanante Family Papers

  • PC158
  • Collection

This small collection includes items related to Bart M. Passanante, WUSM Class of 1939, and his wife, Alberta Passanante, who worked in the administration of Barnes Hospital between 1943 and 1945. Documents in the collection are: an alumni bulletin self-published by the WUSM Class of 1939, circa 1955; a letter written by Bart Passanante to the Missouri State Board of Healing Arts, 1992; and recollections of Alberta Passanante about Bart Passanante, Frank Bradley, Evarts A. Graham, Glover Copher, Carl F. Cori, Edward Massie, and Leon Fox. Also included is a page of risqué limericks attributed to Leo Gottlieb.

Bradner L. Hisey Papers

  • PC157
  • Collection

31 page document titled "The First Successful Medical Information System" along with a cover letter to Dean Perlmutter and an appendix titled “Those Who Tried.” Also included is a patent, a JAMA abstract and two articles by Hisey and others from 1968. All documents are related to the development and deployment of a Medical Information System for the rapid ordering of medical tests utilizing a CRT screen and a Light Pen for input.

Leland Keller Collection

  • PC156
  • Collection

This small collection contains two notebooks belonging to Leland Keller, a WU School of Dental Medicine Class of 1937 graduate.  Also included in this collection are a six class notebooks belonging to William August Heinritz, who graduated from the Dental Department of Marion Sims College of Medicine in 1901.

Blanche E. Davis Collection

  • PC155
  • Collection

This small collection includes diplomas, nursing certifications, photographs, and other documentation belonging to Blanche Davis, a 1917 Washington University School of Nursing graduate, and nurse at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

James T. Brown Collection

  • PC154
  • Collection

This small collection includes two medical humor books published by Dr. James T. Brown, a 1948 Washington University School of Medicine graduate.  The books are titled, “Selected Specimen of Hippocrates’ Oaf” (1980) and “Second Opinions of Hippocrates’ Oaf” (1982).

Henry A. Uhlemeyer Papers

  • PC153
  • Collection

This small collection includes a certificate indicating Dr. Uhlemeyer served as an Assistant Resident in Otolaryngology at Barnes Hospital in 1944 and as a Resident in Otolaryngology at Barnes Hospital in 1944-1945, Dr. Uhlemeyer’s medical diploma from Washington University, a "Caduceus" yearbook from Beaumont High School in St. Louis, and Washington University medical alumni reunion photo of the class of 1943.

F. Richard Crouch Papers

  • PC152
  • Collection

This collection includes mostly items relating to Dr. Crouch’s service with the 21st General Hospital during WWII.  This collection includes letters from Dr. Crouch to his wife, photographs, a scrapbook, postcards, and newspaper clippings.

Clara Maupin Burke Collection

  • PC151
  • Collection

This small collection includes mostly photographs and artifacts belonging to Clara Maupin Burke.  All items in Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3 are available in digital format only.  The remaining alumni list and artifacts (Series 4 and Series 5) are the only physical items in this collection.  Of particular note is the Washington University School of Nursing cape worn by Class of 1934 graduate Clara Maupin.

Class of 1930 Questionnaires

  • PC150
  • Collection

This small collection consists of 25 one-page questionnaires for the 1980 reunion of the Class of 1930. The questionnaires were collected by Dr. Israel Newmark, chair of the 50th anniversary reunion. Also included are photographs of a few members of the 1930 class: J. Paul Burgess, Donald Eggleston, Maurice Diehr, George Mayfield, James Conway, and Joseph Orenstein.

Wendell C. Kirkpatrick Papers

  • PC149
  • Collection

A small collection consisting of a single page autobiographical statement by Dr. Kirkpatrick relating to his experiences as a member of the WUSM Class of 1951.

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